Inoma wins bid to implement in CDMX schools

Inoma wins bidding of the Federal Administration of Educational Services in Mexico City

During the second semester of 2016, Inoma participated and won in a bidding of the Federal Administration of Educational Services in the Federal District, Mexico City (AFSEDF) for making the “Course educational and recreational tools to reinforce teaching-learning and develop digital skills in elementary schools of Mexico City”. The organization’s job consisted in imparting this course to 150 public elementary schools of the city.

A total of 900 education figures were trained: 550 teachers, 150 directors, 100 pedagogical technical advisers and 100 supervisors, who participated voluntarily. In an indirect way it is considered that the approximate of students who attended was 45,000.

This trainings strengthened the abilities for teachers to optimize the use od educational resources as tools to push the academicals development of students in Spanish and math subjects. Subjects related with inclusion of digital tools in educational programs were also treated to strengthen the teaching-learning in selected schools.

The training was focused in showing how to didactically teach the curricular content of basic education focuses on an elementary level. These didactic tools were focused in their design and instrumentation to articulate the harder subjects in learning.