TAK TAK Teka Inoma‘s new program

TAK-TAK-TAK is part of educational materials approved for the Zero Phase of the Curriculum Autonomy Component offered by the SEP, as a part of the new educational model.


Inoma developed TAK-TAK Teka, a space with video games for children and teaching strategies for teachers. In TAK-TAK-TEKA wit, logical thinking, creativity and the game are joined to promote the development of abilities for the challenges that are present in the 21st century. The teaching subject that we want to promote is “learn to learn”.


During Puebla’s first semester, 32 schools from different states in Mexico were registered and started to use TAK-TAK-Teka.


The curricular autonomy component is an innovative space that belongs to basic education for schools, teachers and students. With this the power is given to chose contents according to the student’s needs. It has the purpose of making the involved people dig into the inclusion and equity principles, and also innovate the teaching practices.