Mazahuan Community Receives a Financial Education Program

Inoma has deployed the TAK-TAK-TAK system for three years in the Mazahuan community located in the State of México with the goal of improving education quality in the zone. Through continued work with the community we observed the effects of their economic vulnerability: continued migration to nearby cities and the low economic and social development. Then we understood that to improve educational quality it was also necessary to generate knowledge about microfinance, which would allow them to be more efficient in their economic activities; and knowledge about banking, useful for those who migrate to the cities. 


Because of this we made the “Finance education course through activities and educational video games”. With the aim of encouraging the acquisition of competencies in the creation of budgets and bank savings in children. This way the use of good economic practice will increase and they will familiarize with financial institutions to ease their financial inclusion in the future. With the goal of decreasing economic vulnerability in the population and for them to fully participate in the social and economic development, weather it’s in or out of their community.  


The project was deployed to students and teachers of third to sixth grade from two public elementary schools in the San Felipe del Progreso, town from the State of Mexico. During the 2018-2019 school cycle monthly visits were made to both schools for training for teachers from the schools in the following subjects:


What is money?

Knowing money and its different denominations and understand its value as a way to acquire goods and services.


How do we get money?

Knowing the sources of income: work.


What is money for?

Knowing the difference between needing and wanting as well as the importance of making good decision in money spending, paying attention to risks and consequences.


What does saving mean?

To know in what we use the money to cover our needs. To know the importance of planning spending and saving after having covered our most important needs.


What is a bank?

Knowing how a bank works to take care of your savings.


Teachers replicated the course to the students it took the ten sessions for accomplishing their final project. A total of 555 beneficiaries were reached. 

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