We recommend you read the Macanudo series by Liniers

Macanudo de Liniers

We recommend to you “Macanudo”, by Ricardo Liniers

Macanudo, Ricardo Liniers’ comic book offers a world full of imagination for girls, boys and not so young people.

The history of comics is full of classic and recognizable characters that are part of our culture. The Peanuts, the Mafaldas or the Calvin & Hobbes are so loved by all generations not only for their ability to entertain, but also for their ability to make people think, imagine and even better understand everyday situations.

For the characters in Macanudo, a series by Argentine cartoonist Ricardo Liniers, everyday life is that which happens between dream and lucid dream: thoughts are expressed aloud, curious coincidences and sometimes extraordinary situations. For them, everyday life has so many curiosities that it can be anything but ordinary.

Not as ordinary as the life of Enriqueta and her cat Fellini who doesn’t want to believe that there is a famous director with his name, or the life of Z-25 “the robot with feelings”, who would say that a robot can have so many emotions? The life of the penguins whose dream is to be able to fly does not go unnoticed, but while they achieve it they settle for living outside the South Pole. 

Z-25 el robot sensible

Every character in Macanudo has something to say, whether it’s boring, poetic, exciting or innocent. They know that no two people are the same and the differences between them make them interesting. 

Macanudo has been published in Argentina’s La Nación newspaper since 2002 while Liniers’ graphic work has been on the cover of The New Yorker magazine four times, most recently in October 2019. He was also chosen in 2018 as the winner of the Eisner Award (the most important award in the world of comics) in the category Best Publication for First Time Readers (under 8 years old) for his graphic novel Buenas Noches, Planeta.


Macanudo is a recommendation for the youngest, since in addition to encouraging the habit of reading, they will find in its pages a world that goes beyond what their eyes see just by sitting down to imagine it.

The older ones won’t have a problem enjoying Macanudo either, because even though the characters seem innocent and worldly, they are complex, sometimes philosophical and so identifiable that they don’t stop challenging the thought of the one who reads them.


Macanudo is one of the most important comics to date and if you want to start in the world of comics and graphic novel, this is a good start.