Partnership with Fundación Educa México, A.C.

A presentation of TAK-TAK-TAK program took place in the school network of Fundación Educa. This program has the goal of improving children performance in subjects such as Spanish, Math through the use of videogames.

Work will be made during the 2013-2014 school cycle in 5 institutions in Mexico City and the State of Mexico, (Asociación con parálisis cerebral IAP -Association with IAP brain paralysis-, Gota de leche -Drop of milk-, Claudina Thevenet, Fundación Clara Moreno Miramón IAP and the Instituto Pedagógico para problemas de lenguaje -Padagogic Institute for Language Disorder-). The population with which work is aimed to is children from 3rd to 6th grade in primary school.

“It is a program that opens a wide range of sight, the EDUCA and INOMA partnership will bring a plus effect in these institutions and, in the midterm, in all members of Red EDUCA (EDUCA Network) that currently have a reach of approximately 13 thousand children.”
Mónica Cinco
Fundación Educa de México, A.C.