Classroom Events Fundación Telefónica Perú

Fundación Telefónica México and INOMA closely collaborate in order to give access to TAK-TAK-TAK videogames to pupils in 44 schools supported by the Foundation in Mexico. Every year an INOMA tools training session takes place there and it is addressed to children and teachers.

This is how several schools invited us to participatein the “Encuentro Docentes Líderes Aulas Fundación Telefónica” ("Leader Educators Classroom Meetings Telefónica Foundation") from Fundación Telefónica Perú, which took place in Lima, Peru, from February 10 through 14, 2014. During the event, INOMA presented TAK-TAK-TAK project as one of the core programs and experiences that Fundación Telefónica wants to bring to school teachers and principals that participate in its program.