Inoma Works with Mazahua Communities from the State of Mexico

Inoma Works with Mazahua Communities from the State of Mexico


Inoma continues working closely with the Mazahua communities from the State of Mexico. Through our contact with them we have observed the current problem of migration to nearby cities and the low economic and social development of the zone. One of the causes of the problem is their low knowledge of microfinance, putting them in great disadvantage when doing their economic activities. In order to improve the quality education necessary to generate financial education, which would allow them to improve their performance in their economic activities and banking usage, useful for those who migrate to the cities. 

As a result of analysis of the community’s problem we developed the “ Education Finance Course through activities and educational video games. Intelligent money management: saving”. The course’s goal is to create conscience about the importance of savings and promote the planning for intelligent money management through a program that includes educational video games for children from six to twelve years old. 

The course has six lessons imparted during one to two classes by lesson, with a total of 10 classes of 45 to 50 minutes each one. It ends with a final project to be made by teams, which will from class 4, with very simple homework and it will be worked on in the last classes (nine and ten). In addition, teacher support content are offered to impart the necessary knowledge and learning. The subjects are planned to do activities only in class. The student’s activity sheets (which are different for each class), will be used as evidence of each children. 

Each class is formed by three elements: class explanation; support contents for the teacher and activity sheets for the student. The classes approach the following concepts:


Classes 1 and 2:

What is money?

Knowing money and its different denominations and understanding its value as a way to acquire goods and services. 

Class 3:

How do we get money?

Knowing the sources of income generation: work.

Classes 4 and 5.

What is money for?

Knowing the difference between needing and wanting, as well as the importance of making correct decisions when spending money, paying attention to risk and consequence. 

Classes 6 and 7

What does it mean to save?

Knowing in what we spend money to cover our needs. Knowing the importance of planning spending and saving after having covered the most important needs.

Class 8:

What is a bank?

Knowing how a bank works to take care of your savings.

Classes 9 and 10:

Final project

Develop a proposal to generate resources that allow you to offer a good or service to the community that they lack, through research and knowledge acquired through the course. Each team will present the proposal of their projects to share with the rest of the group. Winners will be chosen for the best proposal for the community.