Five educational video games to teach math

5 videojuegos para aprender matemáticas

Five educational video games to learn math

Learning math is now more fun with the help of these five educational TAK-TAK-TAK video games.

Learning mathematics helps us to understand phenomena in any of the human activities, be it physics, economics or even music. That is why it is important that girls and boys learn the basics in a solid way. 

Learning math is now more fun with the help of educational TAK-TAK-TAK video games. Here are five of them:


1 . Deactivate the Bomb


In Deactivate the Bomb the children reinforce their knowledge in equivalents of whole numbers, fractional numbers, and percentages, as this is the key to avoiding a big explosion in the laboratory where they are. 

To achieve this, they must convert the numbers into the equivalent of what the bomb is asking before it explodes. The more they advance in the game, the more exciting it becomes!

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  1. Tortuga Cannon

tortuga cannon

Tortuga Cannon combines the best of linear logic games and learning to add. Students have to match the sums shown to them by firing a large cannon at the digit spheres passing in front of them. They must hurry, because if the digits accumulate they will lose the game.

Tortuga Cannon reinforces basic knowledge of addition and helps practice mental arithmetic for children.

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Also available on AppStore and Google Play.


  1. La Pizza è Mobile


In this video game, girls and boys must help a busy chef serve pizzas to their guests. 

Each slice of pizza represents a part of the whole, so students will understand the concept of fractions and by completing the pizza they order, they practice adding them up. Pizza è Mobile also reinforces visual coordination, as they will have to complete the order exactly and against the clock.

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Also available on AppStore and Google Play.


  1. Kilometrus


Kilometrus is a side-scrolling adventure game for learning distances and their sum.

Players must help Kilometrus advance through a forest full of enemies and traps, paying close attention to the distance at which the danger lies, in order to attack or avoid it.

Kilometrus is an exciting game that will hook more than one player.

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Also available on AppStore and Google Play.


  1. Base 10 


In Base 10, students have to defend their space operations base from the fearsome aliens that lurk there. To achieve this they must choose whether their attack is multiplied by x1, x10, x100 or by x1000 to achieve the highest score.

Base 10 is a “defend your strength” style video game that teaches multiplication based on the number 10, positional value of the numbers and the metric system.

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Also available on AppStore and Google Play.



These and all TAK-TAK-TAK video games are aligned with the basic education program of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP). We invite you to visit to learn about the wide range of educational video games that can also work in your classroom.

Learning math has never been so much fun!