Home learning during confinement

 Teachers around the world have had to adapt their teaching strategies to implement them from home.

Teachers around the world have had to adapt their teaching strategies to implement them from home.

The health crisis by Covid-19 caused all governments of the world to adopt new measures for the continuity of the school cycle from home; thus, distance education became the new modality during the remaining time of the school year.


However, this type of teaching generated many doubts and uncertainties about the mechanisms for teaching the classes and what the new evaluation methods would be like, so we will cite some recommendations that can be carried out according to the needs of each group.


Recommendations for teachers:


  • Knowing the environment in which students are located and whether or not they have personal electronic devices.
  • Establish communication channels with both students and parents (social networks, cell or home phone, email).
  • Be flexible and give different options of delivery format of works or activities.
  • Avoid setting the delivery date of tasks on the same day and giving them more time. This will avoid stress.
  • Do not overload with too many activities in one day. Increase the number of tasks progressively. 
  • Always provide feedback on each assignment.
  • Keep in mind that school and home schedules are very different. To measure the time it takes to teach online, divide the number of hours in half; that number you divided, divide it once more. For example, the school schedule is approximately eight hours, if it is divided in half there are four hours left, and if those four hours are divided one more time, only two hours will remain. This way you avoid students losing interest in the class.
  • Select the topics that may be most relevant, as time will not be sufficient to teach the entire curriculum.
  • For pre-school students, address the children, as the intervention of parents can lead to different interpretations of the activity and generate frustration for both, them and the children. 
  • Talk and be empathetic to students to release stress and anxiety. Provide them with the necessary information about what is happening worldwide.

Home activities TAKTAKTAK


At Inoma we are committed to education and we want to help you so that together we can continue to educate our children during this quarantine. If you need new ideas or want to complement your classes, we have weekly activities for you at taktaktak.com.  


These simple and fun activities are related to our video games and were designed so that every week your students can complement their learning. So far we have seven different ones that you can do with your students or with your children. Participate with us and don’t forget to use the #TAKenCasa hashtag to know your results! You can start by doing some of these: 


TAKtivate with MICROS. Bacteria and coronavirus.


Participate by following these steps:

  1. Go to taktaktak.com and select the MICROS game. Choose the healthy way to learn about bacteria.
  2. Reach three stars per level! Did you know that bacteria can cause diseases in which most cases are cured with antibiotics, unlike viruses?
  3. Choose a bacterium from MICROS and compare it to a picture you find of the coronavirus. Create a clay model of each.

Take a picture of both models and share it in networks with the hashtag #TAKenCasa.


TAKtivate with Mansión Alien. Find the green alien in the abandoned mansion.


Participate by following these steps:

  1.  Enter taktaktak.com and select the game Mansión Alien.
  2. Play the different levels and help the aliens until you find the green one.
  3. Think of something that was unpleasant for you and stopped being so. Draw how you got through it.

Take a picture of your drawing and share it in networks with the hashtag #TAKenCasa.

TAKtivate with Ojo Rojo. Observe the detail.


Participate by following these steps:

  1. Enter taktaktak.com and select the game Ojo Rojo.
  2. Watch carefully the works that are observed in the video game. Reach 400 points!
  3. Look for an object at home that represents a work of art for you. Look at it carefully and draw it.

Take a picture of your drawing and share it in networks with the hashtag #TAKenCasa.



Don’t forget to log in to taktaktak.com to get to know them all and participate every week!


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