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TAK-TAK-TAK system

In Inoma we have created TAK-TAK-TAK as a free system of educational video games that offers the user a personal experience with games and learning options in accordance to his knowledge and capabilities. Our system has the goal of support, complete and reinforce traditional education in a very attractive and entertaining environment.

- TAK-TAK-TAK system has two cycles:

The first cycle is that the child enters taktaktak.com and starts playing educational video games. At the same time that this happens, the information about the child's performance and the actions he takes within the site is saved. After playing, the site will guide the child, through predictive algorithms, to the videogames that suit him best according to his academic performance and the dynamics of the video game (labtak.mx), which works as a support to teachers and parents to use the TAK-TAK-TAK video games according to the needs of each child.

The second cycle consists of the support and intervention of parents and/or teachers. The information saved by child is used to generate activity reports for parents, teachers, schools and school systems. These can be either by pupil, group, grade, school, or set of schools. These reports can be observed in LabTak (labtak.mx), which works as teacher and parent support in order to use the familia para utilizar the TAK-TAK-TAK videogames according to the needs of each child.

“We are certain that the task of Inoma is perfectly linked as a resource of extraordinary pedagogic value that will benefit users."

Francisco Gil Díaz, President of Fundación Telefónica México. October 9, 2013

Educational video games

The ludic - educational video games developed by Inoma are in accordance to the primary studies plan of basic education official institutions. Our video games are found free in TAK-TAK-TAK so that any child can access from a wide range of devices with Internet connection.


A different way of learning

Unlike other education sites, the strategy in Inoma is to develope entertaining and attractive video games for children that, while playing them, can learn concepts from all basic education subjects.

To learn more about our videogames and TAK-TAK-TAK, don´t hesitate to visit its website.

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Tools for Teachers and Parents

LabTak (labtak.mx) is an educational platform for research, learning and discovery in the use of video games for teachers and parents. It facilitates the work of the teacher by providing pedagogical tools and supports aligned to the educational programs by subject that allow him to prepare his classes and meet the specific needs of his students. LabTak is a learning community where we seek to investigate "how to learn and teach" through video games.,es

Join the community where “Learning is an adventure” and find more information on how to keep your pupils captive.

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