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You can also help promote the education of our children in a fun and didactic way.

To accomplish that more children learn playing with the use of technological tools and for free is possible thanks to people in the civil society as well as companies committed with education.

We invite you to be part of this initiative because educating our children is the task of everyone.


Why donate?

Your donation permits us to develope materials and bring them to a larger number of children that otherwise would not have access to these innovative and effective tools. ¡Your help makes the difference!

We are an organization that can issue tax-deductable donation receipts, you can donate if you are a person or company.

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In-kind donations:

You can contribute with your time and knowledge to support us in any of our organization departments or with materials that ease the implementation of our program. Contact us at in order to make your donation.

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Social Service and Professional Practices

Our partnerships with education entities are also a basic support for the development of Inoma's activities. If you are interested in doing your social service of professional practices in areas such as technology, research, pedagogy, business administration, communication or marketing, contact us at